Barcode Scanners Can Now Be Case Sensitive

Barcode Scanners are in Luck

Case Sensitive
We have big news. Now databases have the option to be case-sensitive.  This means that if your database has a barcode with value “abc”, then a barcode with a value of “ABC” will come back as invalid. We hope that this feature will enhance your use of codeREADr. It will strengthen the security of your barcode scanners database, whether you are using your database for online ticketing, or for ID cards and lanyards at trade shows.

The Perks of Case Sensitivity for Barcode Scanners

Case sensitivity is great for users who need extra security with their barcode scanners. For example, if a bouncer at a concert is checking tickets, he should use a case-sensitive database, because then the tickets are significantly harder to forge.  If your barcodes are 5 characters long, and only contain letters and numbers, an insensitive database could hold about 60.5 million distinct barcode values. While this may seem like a lot, if the barcodes were case-sensitive, there would be 916 million distinct barcodes! The chances of forging anything like that are practically non-existent.

Insensitivity Can Sometimes Be Useful Too

If a user needs to enter the barcode values in manually, or you are using a service that doesn’t require security like data collection, it my be easier and more efficient to keep case sensitivity off, as some mobile users may take a lot of time entering barcodes manually while switching  back and forth between upper case and lower case on their touch screen.

When you create a service, there will be a little check box that says “Values will be case-sensitive”. If you check that box and click create database you’ll be all set with a brand new case-sensitive database.

Make your own case-sensitive database on our website,