App Turns BlackBerry Devices into Ticket Scanners

codeREADr for Blackberry 6 OS debuts at AT&T’s VIP Bash featuring the Goo Goo Dolls.

Boston, MA – Skycore LLC launched its BlackBerry 6 OS compliant codeREADr app at this week’s BlackBerry World conference while scanning and validating tickets for AT&T’s VIP Bash featuring the Goo Goo Dolls.

Almost all attendees presented a 2D barcode ticket displayed on their phone instead of printing their tickets which, according to the company, created a unique demonstration of mobile technology – namely phones scanning phones.

The VIP Bash tickets were sent to attendees via email and MMS using Skycore’s multimedia barcode generation service. Each mobile-ready ticket included a unique ticket ID embedded within a 2D barcode (a QR Code) along with the AT&T logo, the Goo Goo Dolls logo and associated event text.

“We’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the scanning function of our BlackBerry app using 6 OS. It now mirrors the performance of our Apple® and Android apps,” said Rich Eicher, CEO and founder of Skycore LLC. “The BlackBerry Torch with 6 OS is definitely a contender in the smartphone scanner race for enterprise use,” said Eicher.

The codeREADr 6 OS app was downloaded to Torch handsets. The devices auto-scanned the QR Code, decoded the embedded data, transmitted it to codeREADr servers and received back validation results in two seconds.