Barcode Services are Simpler with New Wizard Tool

New Wizard Tool makes Barcode Services easier

Simpler Barcode Services

It just became easier to create barcode services on your online codeREADr account. We’ve recreated the wizard to break up the tasks of creating a new service. This will help you get exactly what you want from the codeREADr app. The wizard takes you step by step through:

  • Type: choosing how the database will react to barcodes, and whether or not it will compare them to a database.
  • Users: assign which mobile accounts have access to the service.
  • Question: Add short answer or multiple choice questions to be asked before or after scans are submitted (Optional)
  • Name: create a name and description for your service.
  • Advanced: allows you to choose from a variety of extra features, such as email alerts and GPS support.
  • Done: seen above, this step lets you preview what the finished service will look like on your account.

The greatest thing about the wizard is how it simply portrays the variety of customization options for any service.  From a mobile healthcare device to control patient check-in, to barcode coupon redemption, the wizard will help you get what you want out of your codeREADr service.