Barcode Asset Tracking App News: On-Device Databases

Let’s Get Right To It

codeREADr’s barcode asset tracking app for iOS and Android devices now enables the storing and processing of an On-Device database with up to a million barcode values. Enterprises can now track and authenticate large numbers of assets, both locally and in real-time, using smartphones and tablets.

Barcode Asset Tracking App Upgrades

We’ve upgraded the codeREADr barcode asset tracking app to enable the tracking and authenticating of assets against an on-device database hosting a million barcode values. Applications include the remote tracking of vehicles, pharmaceuticals and other goods when Internet access isn’t stable.

“Our clients generally track assets in real-time against databases stored on our cloud-based servers or their own local servers. However, we learned that connectivity sometimes poses challenges for remote data collection. Our on-device database option addressed that concern but, on request, it’s now enabled for large databases,” said Rich Eicher, CEO, Skycore LLC.

The Details

For real-time tracking, if connectivity is unstable, scans are stored on-device and synced when connectivity is restored. For on-device tracking, scans are validated directly against the on-device database, stored on-device and then synced when connectivity is available.

Optional GPS tracking is currently enabled on Android devices and will be for iOS during Q1/2013.

“Whether using a sales rep’s subsidized phone or a smartphone or tablet purchased for specific purposes, enterprises are increasingly using these devices for auto-ID and data collection. Our vision is to offer best-in-class tools for these new applications,” said Eicher.