Amazon Transparency Program

… Add Track and Trace

Scan Transparency labels to “track and trace” items globally.

Why add track and trace to Transparency?

Simply put, track and trace offers even greater “transparency”.

For example, if the Transparency labels are affixed to item-level packaging by the manufacturer and then sent to distributors or fulfillment centers, the manufacturer can scan the label with the codeREADr mobile app upon shipment and create a record of  who, what, when, where and how the items were shipped. That can be done at every transfer point, for both shipping and receiving.

Could the authentication process be even more secure?

Yes. For example, a record could be created where the codeREADr app first scans the Transparency barcode and then the item’s unique, serial number barcode. That would create a record that defines that item as authentic only if both barcodes match at every transfer point.

Can the people handling the items be tracked?

Yes. You can issue unique app usernames to every person scanning at each location.

Or create your own track and trace program.

Valid is green, invalid is red.

To quickly implement a simple tracking solution you can use your existing serial number barcodes or affix new barcode labels, each with a unique ID. The basic concept is to scan the unique barcode on the item and compare it to a database of valid IDs.

If the scanned ID is in the database, the app user will see a green “Valid” screen. But if it is not in the database, the app use will see a red “Invalid” screen. Both scan records can be reviewed in real-time by administrators or recorded offline for viewing online after the app has Internet connectivity.

Can administrators see a history of scans?

Yes. The administrator can always see the filtered scan history for each item online. For the app-user to also see the history and to create a simple, clickable, and shareable table showing the history of all filtered items, the Table Builder service is ideal.

What about anti-counterfeiting?

Since a barcode is visual media, it can be copied. Holograms and similar technologies can be used to make it more difficult to copy.

Can I stop counterfeits in return shipments?

If you are concerned about shipping customers authentic items but customers returning counterfeit items, another option would be to print a very small, high resolution DataMatrix 2D barcode on the item’s label or hidden on the item.  If small enough or camouflaged enough, it may be missed by the counterfeiter. A magnifier can be used when scanning the barcode to confirm validity.