Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner App Features

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App Features Free Plan Paid Plan
Record Scans

– Online, Offline, Auto Sync

Limited (*) Yes
Validate Scans

– Online, Offline, Auto Sync
– Valid
– Invalid
– Invalid Duplicate

Limited (*) Yes
Conditional Validation (Online only)

– Min/Max Count
– Duration
– Time/Date
– Days of the Week

No Yes
Data Collection

– Form Field (text + voice-to-text)
– Multiple Choice Drop Downs
– Photo Capture – Secondary Scans
– Conditional Flows
– Allow/Restrict Editing
– GPS Tracking (Foreground or Background)
– Custom Questions (HTML and Web)
– Signature Capture

Yes Yes
Control Capture Method

– Enable/Disable Camera (Barcode Scanning)
– Enable/Disable Manual Entry
– Enable/Disable Lookup (Search Database)
– Enable/Disable NFC Reading

Yes Yes
Devices (smartphones, tablets, rugged devices)

– iOS
– Android
– Chromebook
– PC and Mac (with Android emulator)

Yes Yes
Barcode Scanning Options

– Rear Camera
– Front Camera
– Resize Decoding View
– Flash for Low Ambients

Yes Yes
Accessory Support
+ Honeywell Captuvo and Dolphin Black, Koamtac, Linea Pro, Sonim, ecom, Opticon, Socket, etc.
Yes Yes
Barcode targeting, optimization Yes Yes
Barcode preview & select (SD PRO) Yes Yes
Read NFC/RFID tags (Android or Bluetooth accessory) Yes Yes
+ Data sent to and from the app is encrypted
Yes Yes
Auto Sync
+ Syncs scans up, databases down in background
No Yes
Smart Download
+ Auto Sync only new values and changed status
No Yes
+ You logo in app – free
Yes Yes
White Label
+ Your app store listing, your icon on device
No Yes (Fee)
Kiosk Mode
+ Ideal for unattended scanning
Yes Yes
Lock Mode
+ Limits app user to scanning
Yes Yes
Alter Scan Value
+ Auto-modify scanned values based on defined pattern
Yes Yes
Alter scan response
+ Add graphics (html, web) and context to scan response
Yes Yes
Custom scan response labels, color and content Yes Yes
Auto-Next Scan
+ No pause when continuously scanning
Yes Yes
Webify Services
+ Present web content in-app without scanning
Yes Yes
Pattern Validation (Scan Mask)
+ Validate without a database
Yes Yes
Contextual Variables
+ Present response based on barcode scanned, user, etc.
Yes Yes
Customize In-App History, Lookup, Contact, Help Yes Yes
Photo verification
+ Compare in-app photo to actual person or asset scanned
No Yes
Audio / Vibrate Alerts to App User Yes Yes
Standard Scan Engine Yes Yes
SD PRO Scan Engine Yes Yes