How to Set-Up a Retail Price Audit with a Record-Only CodeREADr Service

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Sign into

1. Create a Service

scan services

2. Select ‘Record Scans’

Set Where to Validate

Our Recommendation: Select to validate ‘On-Device and Later Sync Online’ as many indoor locations do not have stable internet connections throughout the facility.

Real-time or on-device sync

3. Name your Service

Optionally you can add a description for the app user to see

Name your service

4. Authorize App Users for Access to this Service

Note: You can have an app username and password for each app user or a single one for all users.
We suggest you add one or more app-users. A common method is to have the username prefix be the initials of your organization followed by text or numbers, e.g. ABC-001, ABC-002, etc.

Authorize users to scan

5. Add Questions for Data Collection

You can add one or more Questions (prompts) for data collection. Create your own custom questions or select questions from the list of ‘Available Questions’.

The most common prompts for Price Audits are ‘Short Answer’ question types, ‘Multiple Choice (Single Answer)’ question types, and ‘Dropbox Collection’ question types where a photo can be taken and saved in the scan record.

Select ‘Add a Question’

Coding custom questions

Define the Question and the Answer Type

Name the question

Set What the Questions Respond to and Their Order

Drag the questions from the list of ‘Available Questions’ into the appropriate field to the left i.e. ‘Ask after submitting a Valid Scan’.

Add questions to scan flow

Once Complete, Select ‘Save and Continue’

Save question flow

6. Advanced Options

Advanced options are not required. Select whichever Advanced Options that suit your needs.

Note: The Advanced Option “Improve performance by targeting the barcode format(s) of this service” can improve the functionality of the scanning engine on your device. If you are unsure of the name of the barcode type you plan to use: Go to the ‘SD PRO – Try It’ option on the app’s sign-in page as it will identify the barcode symbology after each scan

Advanced Settings

7. Review Service Specifications & Select ‘Done’

Review Service Specifications

Note: To have this new service loaded to a mobile device or tablet, the app user will need to sign out and sign back into the app or refresh its services.

Please Read our Best Practices: Price Audit – Retail article and / or watch the video below for more information.

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