Simple Data Collection App with Scanning and Form Field Entry

Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Part One: Create a Custom Service

1.Create a Service

create scan services

2. Select ‘Record Scans’

Real-time or on-device sync

3. Name your Service

Name your Service

4. Authorize App Users for Access to this Service

Note: New Users can be created during this step or created later on the Users page and then added to the list of authorized app users for this service.

authorize users to scan

5. Add Questions for Data Collection

Note: We have sample questions already prepared. Sample questions are listed under ‘Available Questions’ by default and include Interest Level, Product Interests, Contact Method and Comments.

Select Add Question

Create a question

Name the Question

Name the question and select its answer type from the drop down menu e.g. ‘Short Answer’ (form entry), ‘Multiple Choice (Single Answer)’ or ‘Multiple Choice (Multiple Answer)’. Input text into each option field for multiple choice question types.
Click the ‘Add Option’ button to include additional multiple choice answers for your question.
Click the ‘Submit’ button to add this new question to the list of Available Questions.
coding custom questions

Optional: Other Collection Options

Select options from the dropdown menu to include a Custom Question (URL) or a Custom Question (HTML)
URL and HTML custom questions

Save & Continue

Save and continue

6. Advanced

Note: The Advanced Option “Improve performance by targeting the barcode format(s) of this service” improves the functionality of the scanning engine on your device. If you are unsure of the name of the barcode type you plan to use: Go to the ‘SD PRO – Try It’ option on the app’s sign-in page as it will identify the barcode symbology after each scan.

Targeting Barcode Formats

7. Review Service Specifications & Click “Done”

Review Service Specifications

Part Two: Create a Custom Export Template

Choose what collected data you want to export in the format that best suits your needs by creating a Custom Export Template.

1. Click ‘Scans’ in the Top Navigation

Select the Scans Option

2. Select ‘Export Templates’

Name the new customized report template.

name export templates

3. Add Items to the ‘Columns for the Template’

Drag and drop the items from the columns on the left to the ‘Columns for the template’ column on the right to add them to the export template.

Drag and drop scan flow

4. Click ‘Save Template’

Save Export Template

Available in ‘Output Format’

Export CSV file

After completion, this custom template will be available for selection in the “Output format” dropdown box on the Scans page.