Mustering App

CodeREADr is the configurable mustering solution for your school or business

Above all, the best way to deal with the unexpected is to be prepared. With CodeREADr, your mustering solution is ready to deploy instantly. Pre-configure your service with CodeREADr, then download the application to your devices. Now, you can rest easy knowing that employees, students, guests, and anyone else are accounted for during an emergency.

With CodeREADr, you get up to date information on who is accounted for, when, and where. For example, see who has not been scanned, and the last time someone had checked in. In addition, you have access to as many scanning devices as needed with a mustering plan. With the mustering plan, you’ll be able to go unlimited at any time. Then, you’ll be prepared for when the situation calls for it.

No credit card required.

Emergency Scaling of devices

Instantaneous Emergency Scaling

This plan enables an unlimited number of devices to be used. Deploy these devices at-will. Quickly track students, employees, or other IDs during an emergency.

Validate Scan in the Cloud

Quickly Scan and Immediately Validate

CodeREADr turns smartphones and tablets into professional barcode scanners.

Simple Scan Interface

Simple Interface

Users simply tap, point the camera at an ID, then scan. Your users can scan and take photos with their own devices.

Work Offline

Offline Scanning

Scan data records on the device, even with no Internet connection. Data syncs when connectivity is restored.

GPS Locations

GPS Location

Devices add GPS coordinates on scanned values. View last known locations.

Timestamp, Photo Capture and Verification

Timestamp and Photo Collect

Scans always collect timestamps. The app can capture other variables, such as photos. In addition, previously added photos can be used to verify identity. For example, a user scans an ID. Then, a previous photo appears.

All you need is an Apple or Android Device

No Hardware Required

App users can use their own smartphones and tablets. Scanning accessories are optional.

Scan Provisioning Wristbands

No ID Required

Use Lookup to look through the database. Additionally, use Manual Entry for those not in the database.

One tap to call people who are not accounted for

Smartphone “Tap to Call”

During emergencies, Tap-to-Call is a valuable resource. Database values include employees’ or students’ phone numbers to make calling easy.

Review a list of people who are accounted for or unaccounted for

Know Who is Accounted For

App users and admins see a list of scanned and unscanned IDs.

Integrate with third party databases

CodeREADr Creates Databases for You

CodeREADr creates databases for you to fill and scan with. Additionally, codeREADR posts scans to your own database.

Configure in the Cloud

Configure Once, Deploy to All

Everyone under the account has access to created services. Services are available on their device from the cloud.

Schedule a Call with an Expert.

Meet with a CodeREADr representative for a free consultation about the platform’s capabilities and whether the platform could work as your ideal solution or a demo of our web platform.

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