March 14, 2020 10 min read

Optimizing Workflow with QR Code and NFC Technology for Efficient Asset and Healthcare Tracking

QR and NFC Scanning

Configure your Workflow Once and then Instantly Deploy Globally

Harness the power of QR code scanning and NFC technology with the CodeREADr SaaS platform—a robust, cloud-based service with dedicated mobile scanning applications for both iOS and Android devices. This platform allows administrators to seamlessly set up workflows on the web and empower employees, contractors, and volunteers to undertake data capture and collection effectively through the CodeREADr app or its customizable white label version.


Access Control

Asset Tracking

Attendance Tracking

Contact Tracing

Employee Tracking



Track & Trace


Key Applications of CodeREADr in Various Industries

Since its inception in 2009, CodeREADr has been integral in enhancing operations at large-scale events, educational institutions, and construction sites, facilitating advanced access control and attendance tracking. Its capabilities have been expanded to meet growing demands for comprehensive solutions in asset tracking, inventory audits, digital pick-list creation, track and trace functionalities, and more.

Utilizing CodeREADr for Emergency and Healthcare Tracking Needs

In emergency scenarios such as refugee aid distribution or construction site evacuations due to safety concerns, CodeREADr proves indispensable for tracking resources and personnel. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in healthcare tracking, supporting both routine medical visits and emergency response efforts. The app’s versatile data capture tools connect seamlessly to servers—be it CodeREADr’s, the client’s, or third-party servers—enhancing data accessibility and management.

CodeREADr’s Role in COVID-19 Response Efforts

CodeREADr’s configurable setup allows organizations to:

  • Generate attendance records critical for effective contact tracing at workplaces, events, or commercial establishments.
  • Monitor entry and exit to manage venue capacity and ensure safety compliance.
  • Confirm sanitization efforts through QR code scanning or NFC tag reads, providing verifiable proof of completed tasks.
  • Reduce physical contact by shifting to digital documentation and signatures.

Efficient ID Management and Onboarding with CodeREADr

  1. Scanning and ID Verification: Scan existing barcodes or RFID/NFC tags on IDs, or attach new unique labels to IDs lacking them. For new IDs, options include digital services or physical badges and wristbands equipped with QR codes or RFID/NFC technology.
  2. Streamlined Onboarding Process: Verify identities against existing databases or new digital credentials, incorporating details such as photos, GPS data, and signatures into the database.
  3. Custom Workflow Creation: Design specific data collection workflows on the CodeREADr website to facilitate various tasks such as onboarding and stage-by-stage tracking.
  4. Comprehensive Scan Records: Every scan captures essential details—identity of scanner, the object scanned, date, time, location, method of capture, and purpose—facilitating thorough tracking and accountability.
  5. Data Management and Export Options: Access, filter, and download scan records via the CodeREADr website, with options to auto-export to FTP/SFTP, Google Sheets, Excel, Dropbox, or retrieve via API calls.
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For more information

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