Dec 12, 2022 2 min read

Offline Validation with Fast Sync via CodeREADr’s Ticket Scanning App

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Streamline Your Ticket Validation Process with Fast Sync Technology

Since our launch in 2009, CodeREADr, with our ticket scanning app available for both iOS and Android devices, has been a game-changer in event ticket validation. Employed worldwide by ticketing companies and event organizers, our customizable app facilitates the scanning of barcode and RFID/NFC ticket IDs. It verifies these IDs against databases either stored in the cloud or directly on the device, ensuring smooth entry processes at events.

Real-Time Online and Efficient On-Device Ticket Validation

When connected to the internet, the app validates tickets in real time against online databases. For on-device ticket validation, which is crucial in areas with limited internet connectivity, the app’s database syncs automatically every 120 seconds to update ticket statuses and prevent duplicate entries.

Introducing Fast Sync: Revolutionizing Data Synchronization

CodeREADr’s new Fast Sync technology enhances the app by reducing the sync frequency from every 120 seconds to just 30 seconds. This improvement is made possible by syncing only new additions, deletions, and status updates rather than the entire database. This 75% faster sync capability not only minimizes wait times but also allows for ticket sales up until moments before an event starts, significantly cutting down on queues and improving the attendee experience.

Benefits of On-Device Database Validation

Validating tickets against an on-device database offers instant results, bypassing potential delays caused by internet dependency. This method not only provides immediate validation feedback but also allows for customized validation rules directly within the app, enhancing flexibility and security at your event.

Why Fast Sync is Ideal for Event Organizers and Ticketing Companies

For event organizers, Fast Sync means quicker ticket processing, less dependency on stable internet connections, and extended device battery life. Ticketing companies benefit as well, seeing reduced data handling and processing costs, making event management more efficient and cost-effective.

Implementing Fast Sync in Your Ticket Scanning Solutions

Adding Fast Sync to your services is straightforward:

  • Integration: Select the Fast Sync option during the advanced setup of your on-device validation service.
  • Online Alternatives: Consider an online validation service if reliable internet is available.
  • Compatibility: Note that Fast Sync does not support the check-in/check-out service type as it is online only.
  • Scalability: Validate up to a million ticket IDs per event; contact us if more are needed.
  • Customization: Utilize the Custom On-Device Validation feature for specialized cases.
  • Unlimited Use: Apply Fast Sync across unlimited events without restrictions.

For more information or to activate Fast Sync, reach out to our support team at Standard syncing intervals come at no extra cost, with a premium option available for more frequent 30-second intervals.