Mobile Ticket Scanner Feature Busts Ticket Lines

‘Search and Tap’ replaces will-call, reduces lines, and complements how the codeREADr mobile ticket scanner rapidly scanning of printed and mobile tickets.

Search and Tap

Boston, MA (July 12, 2011): Pre-purchased tickets are often picked up at will call. Arrangements are made for lost or forgotten tickets at will call. Even some mobile tickets are checked at will call. Inevitably, lines form – in some cases, long lines. Skycore LLC, a mobile solutions specialist, has introduced a new feature to their codeREADr mobile ticket scanner app to help bust these lines.

The app not only rapidly scans printed and mobile tickets but can now search by name against an online or on-device database to check for duplicate or invalid tickets and enable access for pre-purchased, lost, or forgotten tickets.

Online search is used when real-time ticket validation is required, providing the venue has good internet connectivity. On-device search is used when faster ticket validation is required and when internet connectivity is not available or unstable. Both search methods check the associated ticket database for current status and validity.

“Smartphones, iPods and tablets are easy to carry and relatively inexpensive compared to traditional smart scanners and POS terminals. With just a handful of mobile devices, the will call and access control process can be targeted as needed with as many devices as required to keep lines short,” said Rich Eicher, CEO of Skycore LLC.

“We see apps enabling virtual box offices in the near future. With apps from companies like Square, VeriFone, ROAMdata, Heartland, ERPLY and Apriva, event holders have the ability to process payments on site. When used with codeREADr for ticket validation, event holders can equip their entire venue with just a handful of smartphones,” added Eicher.

About Skycore and the codeREADr Mobile Ticket Scanner

Skycore LLC ( of Boston, MA, since 2003 at the cutting edge of multimedia messaging (MMS) and transactional multimedia content delivery. Their Skycore and codeREADr platforms help SMBs, marketers, brands, retailers and enterprises create, deliver, read and process data embedded in 1D/2D barcodes for fast and convenient transactions.