Ticket Scanner Stops Duplicates without a Database

Access Control for Tickets issued by Any Ticketing Platform

Ticketing companies, venues, and event organizers can use the fastest barcode scanning app to instantly validate online or offline and also stop the use of duplicate IDs – with or without a database.

Over 100 of ticketing companies use the codeREADr mobile app for event access control. Why?

  1. Fast scanning with an iOS or Android OS camera
  2. Online validation in real-time
  3. Instant validation offline with databases and duplicate statuses Auto Synced to the cloud and then to all scanning devices
  4. Option to use scanning accessories (USB, Bluetooth, scanning sleds, Android Mobile computers, etc.)
  5. Use your own smartphones and tablets or rent them from third-party vendors

Validating Actual Ticket IDs

If your ticketing company (or ticketing software) has integrated with codeREADr, you’re all set – they’ve taken care of everything for you. But what if they haven’t? Can you use our app? Yes, you can! If you can download a CSV file of your ticket IDs then you can import them manually to codeREADr. It only takes 1-2 minutes, even with large databases (up to 1 million rows).

But what if the ticket IDs are not available, either because you don’t have access or because tickets are sold up to and after the event starts? Can you still use the codeREADr app? Yes!

ticket validation

Option: Pattern Validation and Duplicate Checking without a Database

If you don’t have access to your ticket IDs but your ticket IDs have a consistent pattern, the app can validate against that pattern. It’s not as secure as validating the entire ticket ID but it’s a potentially viable option, especially if the biggest concern is catching the duplicate use of the same ticket.

What if there is no Pattern for the Ticket ID?

If your ticket IDs have no pattern, you can still use this feature for stopping the use of duplicate tickets.

Can I use Pattern Validation with a Partial Database?

Yes. This is common when ticket sales continue through the start of the event. The latest database available before the event starts is uploaded to the codeREADr servers and scans are first validated against that database. The system will automatically use Pattern validation the sold tickets after the upload. Generally, the ‘Response’ text or HTML in the pattern validation’s form field should indicate to the app-user that the ticket ID was issued at the event – or similar text so they may look a bit closer at the ticket.

Are Database Validated and Pattern Validated Scans Synced to All Devices?

Yes, provided there’s at least some Internet connectivity when scanning.


Please find the links below for helpful instructions:

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