Smartphones: The Ideal Event Management Solution

Event Management Solution xorbia

Access Control for Hundreds of Locations Simultaneously with codeREADr

Our friends at Xorbia Tickets recently pulled off an amazing feat. Their online event management solution for event organizers and promoters handled both the ticketing and access control for the 2013 Chick-fil-A ‘Leadercast’.

The 10 year old Leadercast is a one-day leadership event broadcast live from Atlanta, GA to as many as 500 different locations globally.

Event Management Solution Integration

What impressed us was how Xorbia Tickets implemented codeREADr’s APIs to seamlessly handle provisioning access control for several hundred of these locations simultaneously. Their print-at-home and mobile tickets were validated online in the cloud or on the device itself, depending on the availability of the 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connectivity at each location. Kudos to Xorbia Tickets on their event management solution and their developers for a job well done!


One of the most popular use cases for codeREADr is the validation & tracking of tickets at venues and events. We currently have over 50 ticketing companies using codeREADr and that number is growing rapidly.

Ultra-Fast Scanning

Whether our standard (included) camera scan engine, our SD PRO (video) upgrade or a scanning accessory, we’ve got you covered.

Validate Tickets Online or Offline

Scanning from different devices at multiple entrances requires connectivity to an online database to catch all duplicate scans. However, Internet connectivity isn’t always stable so we offer both an online to offline fallback option and primary services in the offline validation mode, i.e. validation and syncing to an ‘on-device’ database.


With an on-device database scans are quickly validated against a database downloaded to iOS and Android devices because there’s no connection latency. What’s special about auto-sync is that scans from all devices are automatically uploaded (‘posted’) to a shared online database and the synced database is automatically downloaded to each device. The default setting for posting scans is every two seconds. The default setting for downloading databases is every two minutes.

Both processes are completed in the background so the person scanning tickets can keep scanning without interruption. If connectivity is completely lost, then the scans are queued and synced when connectivity is restored.