Multi-Function Barcodes Save Money, Save Space, and Improve Accuracy

Benefits of Multi-Function Barcodes

Multi-Function Barcodes

Multi-Function barcodes and NFC reading technology are designed to capture, parse and validate specifically targeted data embedded within a single barcode or tag. codeREADr’s barcode scanning app for iOS and Android devices with an integrated, cloud-based web service helps enterprises improve asset tracking, anti-counterfeiting, product recalls, asset maintenance, inventory audits and event or facility access control.

The technology builds upon the codeREADr platform’s Dual-Function QR code technology which allows a single QR code to be used for both consumer engagement and enterprise asset tracking. The platform’s multi-function technology enables workflow-specific asset tracking and validation of a much larger number of IDs and URLs embedded in a single QR code or NFC tag – and also with DataMatrix, PDF417 and MaxiCode 2D barcode symbologies.
Enterprises assign specific tasks to authorized app-users who are issued credentials for signing into the app. For each task, they define which IDs need to be parsed from the string of IDs embedded in the barcode or tag. The parsed IDs are then checked against a table of valid IDs hosted on codeREADr’s servers or downloaded to the app for offline validation. The app can alternatively post scan records to a client’s or third party’s server.
If the targeted ID (or a combination of targeted IDs) exists in the table, the app-user will see a valid response and information specifically related to it. If it’s not in the table, the response will be invalid. In both cases, the app-user can be prompted to collect additional information with each scan that becomes part of the formal scan record along with a timestamp and optional GPS location.