New Barcode Scanning Sled for iPhones

The Imperea sled for iPhones

The Imperea sled from Infinite Peripherals adds power, speed, and protection to iPhone 6s/7/8 for barcode scanning applications.

Imperea front and back

The codeREADr mobile app is now integrated with Imperea

Imperea is a durable, camera-based scanning sled that offers the following features:

  • Camera-based scanning for iPhone 6s/7/8
  • Hot-swappable, smart battery
  • Lightweight and IP67 rated
  • Wireless charging
  • Ability to withstand medical-grade cleaning disinfectants

You can use the codeREADr app with these iOS devices without the Imperea sled. However, Imperea adds substantial value for those who need 24/7 battery power and rugged protection in any indoor/outdoor environment.

While cases and battery packs are already available for iOS devices, the Imperea’s design is elegant. Also, the app user can use the side hardware buttons to accelerate and simplify barcode scanning. This is helpful for app users, who need to scan while wearing gloves.

Finally, Imperea has a high-performance thermoplastic to withstand harsh medical grade cleaners that meet the procedures and protocols of the CDC’s Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations.

Scan barcodes right away – no coding necessary

With the codeREADr app installed from Apple’s App Store on your iPhone 6s/7/8, you can instantly start scanning barcodes. No coding is necessary. Instead, the app by default is set up for basic scanning.

Also, you can configure our SD PRO scan engine to optimize the scanning experience.

Options include:

  • Batch Mode: capture up to 200 barcodes in a single camera view.
  • Framing Mode: capture a barcode only when it’s within the defined frame.
  • Targeting Mode: capture a barcode only when the target touches a barcode.
  • Selecting Mode: capture all barcodes in the camera view and then select the right one.
  • Fusion Mode: mix and match modes.
  • Smart Scan: select symbologies and pre-defined filters and filter sets (aka “Contextual Scanning”)

Configure codeREADr for a wide variety of data capture applications in minutes

Easily configure the mobile app for your intended use with codeREADr. From Asset Tracking to Inventory Audits, and more, look here for a partial list of typical solutions.

Every codeREADr scan record includes:
Who (the app user)
What (scanned barcode)
When (date and time)
Where (GPS location)
How (barcode, RFID/NFC, etc.)
Why (for which workflow)

An overview of what the app-users see

Imperea in-app