Barcodes Track Postal Mailings

Creative Problem Solving with Barcode Scanning

[Guest Post Michael Carner of Data Forms, Inc., a progressive, Arkansas-based provider of mail and electronic billing services, forms printing, pharmacy labels and supplies.]

Data Forms Inc. operates a mailroom and we needed a way to track the processing of documents for one of our high volume customers. Due to the size of these documents, they must be mailed as flats and packages, which in turn, bypass our primary auditing system done directly on the inserting equipment. Initially, we reached out to our primary equipment supplier and they responded with an upgrade our current system at a cost that was difficult to justify. However, we needed a way to track these documents because they contained checks and financial information that were confidential to our customer’s clients and a couple of careless mistakes could mean the loss of their business. At first I tried to jury-rig a solution using a basic scanning app, but then I stumbled upon your product.

After some initial configuration, I built a list of barcodes using output from our current system and repurposed an old S4 Android phone to serve as the scanner. After all of the documents are inserted by hand, we went back and scanned each one. Afterwards, I output the scan data using the web portal with a custom template containing address information and the time it was scanned, including this with our paperwork that gets sent back to the customer.

Despite concern from my coworkers, the process not only went flawlessly but impressed my superiors. Within the first several jobs, it had already proved its usefulness. A document was identified missing and we found it double-stuffed with another mail piece.

While configuring CodeREADr, my favorite aspect was the sheer number of options to customize its performance. I’ve currently ordered an arm mount and a charger so we can set it up as a permanent station in our warehouse.