Club List Now integrates codeREADr app for scanning and validating tickets.

Boston, MA (Dec. 9, 2010): Skycore LLC, a global mobile technology provider, and Club List Now, a leading provider of online nightclub resources for club-goers, club owners and promoters, have today announced the integration of Skycore’s barcode reading app and web service platform ‘codeREADr‘ into Club List Now’s growing list of services for club owners. This new service enables club owners to streamline their access control process and cut customer wait times simply by using smartphones for scanning and validating tickets in real-time.

“The convenience of club-goers is of critical importance to club owners,” said Troy Diano, VP of Club List Now. “Using codeREADr is an ideal solution to speed up guest list and VIP access to venues and it’s also ideal for attendance checking and balancing. As you can imagine, with our new service the old ‘clipboard-and-list’ method is now a complete waste of time,” added Diano.

The codeREADr app turns a smartphone’s camera into a barcode scanner for secure, real-time validation of print and mobile tickets. The codeREADr app and associated web services platform offers ticket providers and event managers an inexpensive way to track attendance, extend ticket selling deadlines and reduce ticket fraud without the high capital expense typically associated with commercial access control scanners and systems.

“We are excited to add Club List Now to the quickly expanding list of ticket providers integrating our platform. They focus on events with guest lists typically ranging from 400 to 1000 guests – an ideal market for codeREADr and one that complements their guest list, ticket sales and VIP registration systems quite well,” said Rich Eicher, CEO of Skycore LLC

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