Barcode Scanning Attendance App for Schools

Attendance App Barcode Scanning for Schools

Schools Track Attendance, Assets, Safety, Access, Parking and Permissions with Barcode Scanning App for Smartphones and Tablets

School administrators can easily configure how the codeREADr app is deployed to meet their educational and administrative objectives. codeREADr’s most popular use as an app for schools is as an attendance app. However, whether for higher education or K-12, educators can use codeREADr for a variety of applications. Here’s a current list of some of the more popular applications, making codeREADr a premiere barcode scanning app for schools.

An Attendance App In and Out of the Classroom

One pioneer was Eastern Michigan University (EMU). They utilized codeREADr as an attendance app to track the attendance of student-athletes and two Greek organizations at formal Study Table programs. The goal was to measure and correlate the program’s effectiveness relative to time attended. They also wanted to increase the GPAs of at-risk students. Using codeREADr, EMU was not only able to verify who attended. They also tracked what days they attended, what time they checked in, and how long they stayed.

The resulting data demonstrated a clear return on investment in their Study Table programs for both at-risk students and the university. The program was credited as a contributing factor for removing the two Greek organizations from academic probation. EMU has since expanded its use of codeREADr as an attendance app to other programs. These include math lab, tutor appointments, book checkouts, and supplemental instruction sessions. Below are some highlights.

Validate Tickets or IDs at Events

Over 50 event/ticketing companies have integrated codeREADr for scanning and validating tickets at events. Schools and/or their ticket service providers use codeREADr to validate tickets in real time at sporting, entertainment, or educational events.

Track Free Lunch Programs

Administrators can track individual and school-wide use of free lunch program to accurately report supporting data.

Campus/Facility Access Control

Whether at a secured entrance or for verification anywhere on campus, authorized app users such as guards, faculty, monitors, and RAs can scan or look up student, faculty, and visitor IDs for real-time validation.

Track Facility Safety with Verifiable Records

Authorized app users can monitor, track, & generate reports regarding the status of campus fire extinguishers, doors/gates/windows/buildings, lighting, alarms, snow/ice removal, temperature settings, vehicles, etc. While daily patrols are ideal, they can be supplemented by reports on an as-discovered basis. The resulting data can be acted on immediately and provide a formal history of accurate reporting, remediation, and corrective actions.

Tracking School Assets

Schools can electronically assign and later check-in musical instruments, desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other types of school-owned assets and equipment.

Incidence Reports Augmented with Images as Formal Records

Authorized app users can record inappropriate behavior as it occurs. Captured images (and soon videos) can be augmented with textual and voice data. They are then instantly posted to codeREADr’s servers as secure, traceable and verifiable scan records. These records include the time, date, and location of the event.

Enforcing Rules and Permission

In one of the most innovative examples of how codeREADr can be a critical barcode scanning app for schools, some education officials are now using codeREADr to help change student behavior. The fundamental application here is for authorized faculty, administrators, monitors, and guards to view current student permissions anywhere on campus. So, for example, if an institution has a policy restricting certain students from leaving campus during school hours, the app user can scan, swipe, or look-up the student’s ID using their smartphone and instantly see if that student has permission to leave.

Real-world reports indicate that simply demonstrating to students that permissions are strictly enforced have made immediate impacts on student behavior. We’ve created step-by-step instructions for creating these attendance applications.

Monitor Parking

Finally, in a practical example of codeREADr’s utility as a barcode scanning app for schools, guards and monitors can verify parking compliance and notify students/faculty if their lights are on, windows open, unlocked, etc.