June 19, 2020 5 min read

Authenticate the iTRACE 2DMI Mark for Anti-Diversion and Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

iTrace Anti Counterfeiting

Integration with the iTRACE Technologies’ anti-diversion and anti-counterfeiting solutions

We have integrated the iTRACE Technologies’ anti-diversion and anti-counterfeiting solutions with our native CodeREADr apps for iOS and Android OS devices. The apps will go live on the app stores the week of June 22nd, 2020.

Simply, use the device’s built-in camera to authenticate unique, encrypted 2DMI marks. Also, simultaneously capture complementary data to aid in anti-diversion and anti-counterfeiting efforts.

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Asset Tracking

Inventory Audit

Process Tracking

Track & Trace


Value Propositions

Identify grey markets

  • Protect authorized resellers and mitigate product diversion.


  • Identify and remove counterfeit products from distribution and eliminate liability claims from counterfeit products.

Returns validation and warranty fraud prevention

  • Confirm RMA requests are for authentic products and validate authentic products are returned in exchange for replacements.

Prevent Unauthorized production at contract manufacturers

  • Limit the number of marks used per day to prevent 3rd shift or production overrun.
  • Remotely monitor the production process and gain valuable insight into schedules and delivery.

Prosecuting violators

  • Provide proof to help prosecute and shut down violators in the supply chain helping legitimate distributors and retailers remain competitive in the marketplace.

End to End Supply Chain Security

  • Secures the products from cradle to grave giving the provenance of each piece throughout its life.

How it Works

Product manufacturers etch or print iTRACE 2DMI marks on your product’s hard surface (or label), each embedded with an encrypted unique ID (UID). Variable-data printers will print those marks on labels, packaging, documents, and other printable surfaces.

First, Authorized app-users capture the mark with the CodeREADr native app downloaded from the App Store or the Play Store. Second, the app uses the built-in camera of iOS and Android OS devices to capture the mark.

Third, the iTRACE server displays the captured marks. Fourth, it reads the mark, decrypts, and authenticates the embedded data. Then, the app-user can collect associated data with each valid or invalid response from the iTRACE server.

Associated data can include scanning the product’s UPC/EAN barcode and scanning the product’s unique ID (e.g. the barcoded serial number), take photos, require a signature, and answer pre-configured prompts (dropdown menus, form fields, etc.).

Getting Started

First, create an account on CodeREADr’s website to start. Then, request demo credentials from support@codereadr.com to get test credentials for scanning and authentication. Include in your request your intended use.

Adding the 2DMI mark adds almost no cost to produce etch or print. However, there are iTRACE licensing fees. They host the iTRACEUID databases and their server also reads the mark, decrypts it, and then compares it against your assigned UID database.  Each transaction is recorded on a blockchain ledger to create an immutable record of each authentication transaction.

Also, there is the standard CodeREADr device licensing fee plus an Add-On fee based on your intended use. Please email support@CodeREADr.com or reach out on our website’s Chat Now utility for real-time help from our support specialists.