How to Insert Scan Records into a Google Sheet

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Sign into

1. Select the “Scans” in the Navigation Bar

Scan Navigation Link

2. Select ‘Save a CSV Download Link’

Save a CSV Download Link

3. Set Name of CSV File

Select either ‘Choose a Random name’ or ‘Enter a name’ and then select ‘Save Download Link’

Adjust CSV Settings

4. Copy the Download Link

Copy the download link

Log into your Google Account

5. Select the ‘Apps’ Icon in the Navigation Bar

Select google apps

6. Select ‘Google Sheets’

Select Google Sheets

7. Create a New Spreadsheet

Create a new spreadsheet

8. Insert Download Link into Formula

Add the CSV download link from Step 4 to the formula


[Note: Google Sheet’s IMPORTDATA() function currently updates sheets on an hourly basis. To enable faster updates please watch for updates from Google. You also may be able to find workarounds.]

9. Add the Updated Formula to the Spreadsheet

Copy and paste the formula into cell 1A of the spreadsheet, then press enter.

Insert formula into spreadsheet

The Spreadsheet should now be connected to that Download Link
and automatically update itself as new scans are submitted.

Update spreadsheet with new scans