How to capture a photo and use it for verification purposes in real time with a smartphone or tablet

Step-by-Step Tutorial

[If you would like the CodeREADr team to set up the initial set up for you please email]

Initial Setup

1. Dropbox Setup

If you do not already have a Dropbox account. Sign up for one.

2. Setup the API Key

Record (copy and paste) the API Key associated with your CodeREADr account.

Select ‘Account’ in Navigation Bar of Your CodeREADr Account

Sign into CodeREADr

Click the “API” Icon

Select the API icon

Copy the API Key and Record it (e.g. paste it into a text document)

Copy the API key

3. Record the Database ID

Record (copy and paste) the Database ID from either a new or existing database.

Select ‘Databases’ in the Navigation Bar

select the database page

Select an Existing Database or Create a New One.

Select or create a barcode database

Record (Copy and Paste) the Numbers in the URL

Those Numbers are Your Database ID

Database ID found in the URL

4. Create a Custom URL

Insert API key and Database into this postback URL template to create a custom URL.

You must replace API_KEY and DB_ID with your own values.

This URL will be pasted into the “Postback scans after they are received by the server” field in Advanced Settings.

Service Configuration

5. Select ‘Services’ on the Navigation Page

Open the service page

6. Create a Service

Create a scanning service

7. Set to Online Validation Service

Select ‘Validate Scans with a Database’ and then Select the Online Validation Service option.
Warning: Do NOT select ‘On-device and Later Sync Online’ option as it will not work with Photo Postback configuration.

Validate in real-time

8. Select the Database

In the initial set up – a numeric ‘Database ID’ was retrieved from the URL of a database. Select that database from the dropdown menu.

Select the database from dropdown menu

9. Set duplicate scans to Valid

It is important to set duplicate scans to ‘Valid’ for reentry applications as it will allow any barcode that is in the database to be scanned an unlimited amount of times and continue to return a ‘Valid’ scan result.

Set duplicate scans to valid

10. Apply a Validation Pattern This step is no longer necessary.

Select ‘Apply a Validation Pattern’ option and then select the Force an invalid response when a scan match is made checkbox.

11. Name the Service and Select Authorized Users

Name the service

Select Authorized Users for the Service >> Save and Continue

Authorize users to scan

12. Select Add a Question

Coding custom questions

13  Select: 'New Photo Collect' in the Dropdown Menu

new photo collect

14. Name the Question

Once you have provided a name for the question and define the parameters for Dropbox or FTP select the submit button

photo collect options

15. Create the Question Flow

Drag the new question (in this case called 'Dropbox Question') from the list of Available Questions on the right to either:

  • 'Ask after submitting a valid scan' field: Use this option if the barcode is to be checked against your original ticket database
  • 'Ask after submitting any scan' field: Use this option if the CodeREADr app is not checking for validity against your ticket database
Add questions to scan flow

16. Required Advanced Settings

In Advanced Set up: "Postback scans after they are received by the server" and "Alter Response Value" options must be selected.

Advanced settings required

17. Postback Configuration

Configurations for the Postback scans after they are received by the server settings must be:

  • Select both online and on-device check boxes
  • Select the Full Postback option
  • Copy the Postback URL that you created in the initial setup and paste it into the field below.
Configure postback scans and postback URL

18. Alter Response Value

Configurations for the Alter Response Value advanced setting must include an Alter Response Pattern in one field and Alter Response Replacement in the field below it.

alter response replacement

Copy and Paste this Alter Response Pattern in the first field:


Copy and Paste the script in the link below into the Alter Response Replacement field based on whether you are using a smartphone or tablet for scanning. These are simple examples only. You can change the script to that which best suits your needs. Important: This script works for older versions of Android OS (4.1 and higher). But for this script, you need iOS 10.0 or higher even though the app supports lower iOS versions. Please ask us if you need any assistance.

Photo Postback Verification Script

19. Review and Save

Save and continue after configuring the Advanced Settings.

Review your Service specifications and click 'Done'.