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Personal Requests

We are a “Data Processor” processing data on behalf of “Data Controllers” that have signed up for an account with CodeREADr. A Data Controller could be, for example, an event company scanning barcoded tickets for event access or an educational institution taking attendance.

Requests to know what Personally Identifiable Information (PII) our Service has on record for you and to remove that information on request is a right you have based on our Privacy Policy.

Contacting the Data Controller to whom you originally provided your PII – or allowed access to your PII – is the fastest way to proceed. At any time they can search for and delete scans and databases stored on our Service.

Important: There are many people who have the same name. Therefore we must have something unique stored on our Service to locate your specific information and then verify that it’s actually you making the request. Typically that would be a verifiable email address (i.e. one which you can directly respond to).

Generally your Data Controller will have that information or other verifiable PII – hence the suggestion to contact your Data Controller directly.

Alternatively, please fill in the form below.  If we can identify you and your Data Controller, we will email them and give them your contact information. They may also contact you directly.