Top 10 Mystery Shopping Companies

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Mystery shopping is the process by which someone goes undercover into a store and checks prices, product positioning, competition and customer service. Companies benefit from this service because it allows them to learn how their customers are seeing or buying their products or services. Many people become mystery shoppers because it offers an easy way to make a little extra money, and oftentimes shoppers get to keep what they purchase along with the reimbursement for the purchase price. If you choose to conduct market research for your business through mystery shopping, there are many companies you can choose and many different kinds of mystery shopping. While the CodeREADr app is used by mystery shoppers for some market research companies as their mystery shopping app technology, we do not provide the consultative services, analytics or the mystery shoppers. You can learn more about how our mobile app helps market research companies by visiting our mystery shopping app solutions page. We have made a list of a few companies that provide mystery shopping and other related services to help you find a solution that fits your needs. These ten companies are in no particular order and may or may not use our mobile app.

RBG (Reality Based Group)

RBG is a Texas-based customer experience firm that specializes in mystery shopping. They serve a wide variety of industries, including banking, health & fitness, retail, and property management, and many others. They’re big on video mystery shopping, but they conduct almost any kind of mystery shopping service you could imagine. For example, if you are a manufacturer concerned about how your product is being sold, RBG will conduct audits and mystery shop the retailer so you can get a sense of how your product is perceived within the market, even if that isn’t your direct responsibility. No matter what market research services you require, RBG has you covered.
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Reality Based Group
Merchandising Consultants Associates

MCA (Merchandising Consultants Associates)

MCA is a Canada-based merchandising and auditing firm that employs 8,500 people across 800 cities in Canada. These people are specialists in collecting data that is essential to understanding how to better improve the customer services and sales of your company. MCA uses state-of-the-art mobile technology to cohesively collect and share data with auditors, resulting in the most comprehensive data collection possible. This company has everything you need to fine-tune your business for success.
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According to MartizCX: “MaritzCX is the largest global custom research company in the United States and among the top 15 research companies in the world. Conducting more than 500,000 shops annually across a variety of industries throughout North America, their team of market-specific experts help today’s Fortune 500 companies maintain brand standards at every customer touchpoint.”  (9-13-2018 update)


According to InfoPrice: “We are a technology company, focused on research and price intelligence. Therefore, we continuously develop solutions that facilitate access to information by bringing efficiency, accuracy and digitalization to the physical world. We collect physical retail data and turn it into information for our customers and partners!”  (9-13-2018 update)


Second-to-None is a market research firm that serves a variety of different industries. They evaluate the success of a company through mystery shopping, customer surveys, compliance audits, and employee engagement surveys. They use innovative data analysis tools to compile the data collected through these channels to help companies better understand their customer. Mystery shopping for Second-to-None is multi-channel: their shoppers evaluate all aspects of a certain business, from the website to the drive-through window. What is great about Second-to-None is that they service many different types of companies, including: Chanel, Radio Shack, and Whole Foods. Whatever type of business you run, they have a mystery shopper for you.
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Intellishop is a market research firm headquartered in Perrysburg, Ohio. They serve a long list of industries from Private Equity Firms to Convenience Stores. Intellishop deploys mystery shoppers to evaluate businesses through their online, in-store, and telephone presence. Intellishop also hires certified video takers in order to conduct video mystery shopping, aimed at giving the clearest picture possible of the true customer experience.
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Anonymous Insights, INC

Anonymous Insight is a global Customer Experience Consulting firm that is woman-owned. They service a variety of industries, working with companies like McDonald’s and Urban Outfitters. The people at Anonymous Insights make it their goal to map the journey of the customer of a certain company as a way to identify areas that need improvement. Their main tactic for this is Mystery Shopping; shoppers sign up through an online portal and can take assignments no matter where they are.

Sales Quality Research Group

Sales Quality Research Group is a market research firm that focuses on the financial services industry. Mystery shoppers would go into a bank or seek advice from a financial adviser and report on their experience. Mystery shopping excursions can either be done on the phone or in person. Mystery shopping for Sale Quality Research group is a great way to make some money and get free financial advice.
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Goodwin Hospitality

The Goodwin Hospitality Mystery Shopper Program largely services the food service industry. With clients like Ben & Jerry’s, this is definitely the mystery shopping service for someone with a sweet tooth. If you’re a client of Goodwin Hospitality, they will conduct research and field audits along with their top of the line mystery-shopping program.
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The Bestmark Mystery Shopping program also services the financial industry, but they have a longer list of other clients, including automotive services, hotels, grocery stores, and retail stores. Bestmark does market research for many Fortune and Global 500 companies and continually screens each mystery shopper and exit interviewer to ensure that the quality of their data is high.
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Elite CX Solutions

Elite CX Solutions custom tailors their customer experience evaluations to the needs of their clients. There are many different ways to mystery shop with their company, including: written, video, audio recorded, telephone, and website mystery shops. Having all of these different services allows them to work with any kind of business. All results of mystery shopping studies conducted by Elite are available 24/7 on an online portal.
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Sentry Marketing

Sentry Marketing is Texas-based mystery shopping company that serves the dining and hotel industries. With accounts like the Ritz Carlton and The Pancake House, Sentry serves across the board. Sentry uses customer surveys and audits to conduct their market research, but their main tool is mystery shopping. For each company, Sentry designs a survey and a scoring system that reflects the client’s standards and needs. All data reporting is available on a convenient web portal.
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