Secure Access Control with Smartphones: Local and Social

One of the 50+ technology companies deploying the codeREADr app for secure access control sent us some interesting pictures and videos from a recent event. The company, INZONE of Montevideo, Uruguay, offers innovative ticketing and access control services to venues, event organizers, and promoters. You can see the video below. Watch how fast they validate tickets!


After validating a member’s ID with the codeREADr app, their ‘Social Connect’ feature posts a welcome message on the guest’s Facebook profile. It also generates a Tweet and posts pictures on the event organizer’s Facebook page. Their ‘Welcome Faces’ option sends the guest’s picture to interactive in-venue digital signage. That way, everyone knows they arrived. Their ‘Interactive Draws’ feature surprises guests with multimedia sweepstakes after scanning a guest’s ID.


The ideal way to validate tickets is by using an online database with every scan synced in real time. codeREADr’s online validation option enables this with ticket IDs  stored on cloud-based servers. Alternatively, service providers can host their ticket databases on their own servers and use codeREADr’s postback feature for validation.

For some events, however, internet connectivity is non-existent or unstable. For those events, service providers can scan offline and validate against the ticket database stored within the app. They can then sync to codeREADr’s online servers periodically during or after the event, depending on when internet connectivity is available.

With codeREADr’s new Direct Scan to URL (DSU) option, service providers now have the option to scan in real-time to their own local servers. The local server receives the scan record directly from the app. The local server immediately posts back the appropriate validation response directly to the app user. This may be valid, invalid, invalid duplicate, and/or any other associated information.

INZONE offers all three options to their clients: online, offline, and local. For an event expecting up to 20,000 attendees, they planned on deploying a local server. However, they needed a way to do pre-event testing with 18 Android tablets simultaneously posting to their servers. The codeREADr team wrote a custom script embedded within the codeREADr app to auto-simulated the volume of scans expected at the event. The result? Access control at the event was flawless.


INZONE uses codeREADr’s scanning feature to capture and read barcodes on printed or mobile tickets. These are typically QR codes. They also use RFID-reading accessories with codeREADr for validating RFID-embedded tickets and IDs. Since a barcode is a visual media, it’s possible to fake or duplicate one. In contrast, RFID data is very difficult to fake or duplicate. INZONE offers this option to client’s needing tighter security, especially for tickets or IDs that are used repeatedly.

For VIP and other member services, INZONE takes it to the next level. They not only post back the validation results. They also use codeREADr’s Webify functionality to post a picture of the ticket-holder or member of the attendant. This way, the attendant can verify that the ticket-holder or member is the credential owner. Where do they get the pictures? One way is having members upload their pictures to the Facebook registration app that INZONE creates for their clients.

We congratulate INZONE for their innovation in secure access control and wish them continued success!
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