Jan. 17, 2022 5 min read

iTICKET New Zealand Seamlessly Validates Event Tickets and “My Vaccine Pass” COVID Credentials

iTicket Vaccine Pass Example

iTICKET’s innovative approach combines event ticket and “My Vaccine Pass” validation with a single app for fast, seamless access control at events.


New Zealand’s COVID-19 Protection Framework presents “traffic light” statuses (red, orange, and green) with specific rules to protect Aotearoa New Zealand from COVID-19. The “Events at Orange” status has certain restrictions, one of which requires a My Vaccine Pass for entry at larger events.


Fast access to events is very important for patron satisfaction. To that end, CodeREADr’s edge computing technology is widely used. Tickets are validated instantly against an on-device database that is continuously synced with the cloud. Syncing is done in the background, without interrupting the attendant scanning tickets.

When a My Vaccine Pass is required for event entry, how can this be done in a seamless way while maintaining fast access control?

The iTICKET Solution

The iTICKET solution uses an on-device database for instant ticket validation with the CodeREADr app.

If a patron uploaded their vaccine status to iTICKET’s web portal prior to the event, they would be considered pre-validated. Their status is added to their purchase record. When the mobile app user scans their ticket, they immediately see the patron has been pre-validated.

However, if the patron is not pre-validated, the app user is prompted to scan the patron’s NZCP QR code (NZ COVID PASS) after scanning their ticket. Using CodeREADr’s in-app JavaScript utility, the data is posted to iTICKET’s API NZCP validator with the result shown on-screen to the app user in real-time.

The Value Proposition

This solution maintains the same, fast access control when the patron’s pass is pre-validated. It’s slightly longer when pass validation is required on-site but the attendant does not have to switch back and forth between a ticket validation app and a pass verifier app.

With this streamlined approach, patrons can be admitted both safely and efficiently. Event organizers can keep their patrons happy, and adhere to guidelines, all with the same app.

How to Scan Tickets and COVID Credentials

For the ticketing companies currently using the CodeREADr ticket scanning app, you’ll need to add a special dual-validation script when creating your access control services. For new customers, you can use our website’s service wizard or API to create your services.

Whether an existing customer or a new customer, please email support@codereadr.com for guidance in writing the dual-validation script.


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