Attendance Tracker: A Case Study

Attendance Apps Scanning ID

The Holman Success Center at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) began utilizing codeREADr’s attendance tracker services in 2012. Since then, we have logged 144,790 scans. codeREADr has become an integral part of our daily operations. It has seamlessly and easily provided accurate, real-time data from numerous areas of the campus. Most of these had previously presented complicated logistical issues.

The attendance tracker’s ability to design and deploy mobile data collection processes is almost instant. So, it has been easy for the Holman Success center to expand use of this system into numerous areas. EMU began with two scanning devices tracking attendance in small study tables room. This grew to 140 scanning devices collecting and measuring data from dozens of different types of events and activities. These occurred across a campus of 23,000 students.

” … more than 100,000 hours of current combined study time data from nearly 10,000 unique students is utilized in 1st year program research and other university retention and engagement studies.”

Below are some examples of just a few of the ways EMU utilizes codeREADr:

Study Tables Attendance Tracker

The study table attendance tracker records the total number of sessions and amount of time each student attends. Accuracy is critical for a number of student populations. The athletics department reports their student-athlete hours to the NCAA for compliance purposes. We also track students who have attendance requirements based on academic probation standards. Finally, we’ve collected 100,000+ hours of combined study time data from nearly 10,000 unique students. We utilize this data for studies on first-year retention and engagement.

General Education Requirements

EMU students are required to attend activities to earn requisite Gen Ed credits. These activities include plays, speaking engagements, and other social events. codeREADr has and continues to provide an easy “check-in” solution for many of these events.

Book Loaner Program

Many college textbooks are expensive. The Holman Success Center provides high-demand texts for students to “check out” at our study tables locations. QR code labels are created for each text. The system scans them in and out each time they’re used. This not only allows us to monitor inventory easily (all texts still accounted for). It also measures frequency of usage and other helpful metrics like dates and time of day.

Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

As part of our academic support role, we offer students free drop-in-tutoring and supplemental instruction for our highest demand courses. These courses present the most common challenges, like Math and Sciences. By tracking attendance, we can accurately determine which courses to offer. We also use it to determine staffing levels and schedules. This data is also being used for research in terms of participation in relation to academic benchmarks like GPA.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the codeREADr attendance tracker system. It continues to simplify our processes. Its extremely light footprint offers minimal hardware expense. It also provides an intuitive interface. This interface makes personnel training a snap. Its easily administrated back-end features very flexible reporting output.
Finally, codeREADr’s leadership and technical support are best-in-class. Its developing customized functionality helps us develop and refine many processes we use everyday. codeREADr is a critical component to how we do business. Our upcoming admit class is projected as the biggest in EMU’s 165-year history. codeREADr will only continue to grow in scope and application.
John Williams
Technical Specialist
Eastern Michigan University[This is a follow-up to the original case study.]