Android App for Barcode Scanning Does it All in Real-Time

Android App Barcode Scanning

Records, Tracks and Validates Data in Real-Time with Android App for Barcode Scanning

Boston, MA (March 18, 2011): Skycore LLC has today announced the availability of its codeREADr Android app for barcode scanning to enable secure, real-time recording, tracking and validation of data for venues, merchants and enterprises. Data are captured and posted in real time to codeREADr’s servers and back to the device when merchant’s scan 1D and 2D barcodes presented in print or mobile media; enter text-based data manually; or search on-device or online databases via text entry or voice.
Applications include access control, lead retrieval, coupon redemption, time & attendance and material tracking. The app uses the Android device’s fast processors, internet connectivity and auto-focus camera for scanning, thus offering a cost effective alternative to intelligent commercial scanners.

“Our vision is to empower virtually anyone with a smartphone to increase business productivity in new ways. Whether they use the device already in their pocket or purchase or lease them, codeREADr offers businesses unique tools to solve existing problems and add new features to their services,’ said Rich Eicher, CEO of Skycore LLC, the developers of the codeREADr platform.

codeREADr™ is a mobile, 2D barcode scanner designed primarily for developers and integrators of enterprise and third party applications and services. This app enables mobile devices to quickly & securely scan, track, record and verify barcodes in real-time anywhere 3G or WiFi service is available. Users can scan tickets, badges, employees IDs, assets, membership cards and anything else that can be tracked with a unique ID. This barcode scanning services is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.