Using Smartphones and Tablets for Lead Retrieval: An App for Service Providers

Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Create an On-Device, Record Only service type with custom questions.

The codeREADr app for iOS and Android enables event service providers to offer exhibitors a versatile, cost-effective lead retrieval tool integrated with their registration database. Service providers typically print an attendee’s badge with a barcode representing the person’s name and contact info or simply an ID linked to an attendee database securely stored on their servers. The service provider can then offer various services to exhibitors, most importantly facilitating their ability to contact attendees after they have visited their exhibit.

[Note: You can have one service for all exhibitors but also create special services if any exhibitors need special data collection options, real-time lead retrieval, attendance tracking or validation against a database.]

1. Sign in to

Barcode Scanner App

2. Create Service

a. Click the “Services” link in the codeREADr navigation bar at the top of the page.

b. Click the “Create a Service” button in the top-right corner.

Scan Services

3. Select ‘Record Scans’

Record Scans

4. Select ‘On-Device and Later Sync Online’ option in the drop-down menu.

Choose ‘Online in Real-Time’ to Validate Scans Online


Choose ‘On-Device and Later Sync Online’ to Validate Scans On-Device

On-Device and Later Sync Online

5. On the Name tab, name your service. Optional: Add text or HTML instructions for the app user (i.e. the exhibitor).

Name your service

 6. On the Users tab, select which app User(s) you want to authorize to scan for this service.

Note: New Users can be created during this step or created later on the users page and then added to the list of authorized app users for this service. For usernames we would suggest creating simple ones, like the first 3-6 letters of their company name + a numeric entry (e.g. AMER972, GO423, CODE331, etc.) and random but simple passwords, like 4215, 9726, etc.

Authorize Users

7. On the Questions tab you can create custom questions and integrate them into this service.

We have sample questions already prepared. However, you may want to add some or change one or more of the prepared questions to fit your specific needs. Sample prepared questions include Interest Level, Product Interests, Contact Method and Comments.

To create your own questions, select the ‘Add a Question’ button located above the list of ‘Available Questions’ on the right side of the page.

coding custom questions

Name the question and select its answer type from the drop down menu e.g. ‘Short Answer’ (form entry), ‘Multiple Choice (Single Answer)’ or ‘Multiple Choice (Multiple Answer)’. Input text into each option field for multiple choice question types. Click the ‘Add Option’ button to include additional multiple choice answers for your question. Click the ‘Submit’ button to add this new question to the list of Available Questions.

Custom Question Options

Add as many questions to this list as you please. In order for these questions to be included in the service, you must drag & drop them from the list of Available Questions to the appropriate fields to the left. The ‘Ask before submitting any scan’ is typically used for services that only need to record information. Multiple questions can be dragged to the same field and ordered how you want them to appear to the app user.

Click ‘Save and Continue’ to proceed.

[Note: Contact us if you would like to use our Image Capture feature to add images to scan records. Examples of how this is used include taking a picture of the attendee, or the specific product(s) they were interested in, and adding those images to the scan record for that attendee.]
Create multiple Questions

8. On the Advanced tab, the most common selections for Lead Retrieval are shown in the attached image.

Note: The Advanced Option “Improve performance by targeting the barcode format(s) of this service” improves the functionality of the scanning engine on your device. In the image we show QR Codes selected but any barcode format(s) can be selected.

If you are unsure of the name of the barcode type you plan to use: Go to the ‘SD PRO – Try It’ option on the mobile application sign-in page as it will identify the barcode symbology after each scan.

Targeting Barcode Formats
Other Advanced Options (if needed):
– Alter Scan Value
This enables you to to scan a badge and then parse our just the information you want to save or validate.
Alter Scan Response
This enables you to change the text (or HTML) that normally appears after a scan.
[Contact support [at] if you need these options and we’ll write the script for you.]

9. Review Service Specifications and click ‘Done’ to finalize your service.

Service Specifications