codeREADr for Ticketing

Redeem Mobile Tickets at your concert, club or show.

Whether it's a networking event for twenty people or a concert for twenty thousand, securing entry to a venue while keeping the line to a minimum is a large undertaking. Industrial barcode scanners can be expensive and cumbersome, while paper tickets can be easily lost or damaged. codeREADr offers a cost-effective way to reduce lines by using smartphones to scan - just like the device you might have in your pocket.

Secure admission.

Venue personnel just log in to our smartphone app, choose an event and start scanning tickets. Scans are instantly validated against a database of tickets stored on our server. To prevent unauthorized duplication, you can choose to invalidate a ticket if it has been scanned more than once.

Plays well with others.

We built codeREADr on the industry-standard CSV format to easily communicate and integrate with your existing ticketing software. Just import a database of ticket IDs with one click. After your personnel finish scanning, export a CSV file of the scan data for reintegration.

Paperless ticketing in one click.

codeREADr doesn't just scan tickets, it can create them as well. Generate barcodes from your database of ticket IDs with your logo attached, along with custom text you specify. We'll send you a batch of mobile-optimized images, perfect for merging into emails. At the event, ticketholders just present their phones at the door to gain entry.

In-app surveys.

Because sometimes a barcode just isn't enough data, we let you ask ticketholders questions at the time of scan. Your personnel can type answers using the device's keyboard, or choose from a list of options you specify. Provide calls to action or collect demographic information.

Affordable, powerful scanners.

Purchasing smartphones for your business is a cost-effective decision which enables your clients to use a host of enterprise apps, increasing their productivity and efficiency. Devices like the iPod touch can even be purchased without a monthly data plan, and when outfitted with a case, their durability is comparable with commercial barcode scanners. Your business deserves the most versatile, cost-efficient devices on the market today: the phone that might already be in your pocket.