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Set up the app to track patients, caregivers and equipment remotely with smartphones and tablets

With minimal CAPEX and almost no training, you can monitor in real time and integrate with your back-end

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Track unlimited caregivers and patients at unlimited locations simultaneously

Track one caregiver at many locations or many caregivers at one location. It’s easy to set up with a couple of clicks.

Track caregivers and patients at unlimited locations

Option: caregivers can take photos, add voice comments and answer prompted questions

Proof of presence is in every scan record but you can also allow photos and caregiver comments about the patient’s condition. Or scan their medicine or equipment.

Collection of additional data after each scan

Real-time check-in in the cloud, online or offline

Monitor every caregiver’s actions in real time.

Where are they right now? With whom? What did they do?

Offline and online check in

Verify and track dispensed medicine

When your app users scan each patient’s ID, direct them to dispense the right medicine at the right dose.

Have them scan the medicine’s label and enter the dose given for record keeping.

Verification and tracking of medicine

Extended, conditional tracking based on time, count and duration

Healthcare validation by date and time
Healthcare validation by count
Healthcare validation by duration
Healthcare validation by days

Date & Time




Manage countless caregivers and subcontractors remotely

How? Easy. Issue unique app credentials to your employee and subcontractors. They look up or scan the IDs of patients, medicine and equipment. Then optionally capture other data after a scan.

Remotely manage caregivers and subcontractors

Show the patient’s photo after each scan, take new ones with each visit

Avoid mistakes – show the caregiver the patient’s photo.

Record progress by prompting the app user to photograph the patient’s condition during each visit.

Photograph patients conditions

Integrate your patient registration system and third party databases

Use our servers to store scan records or post directly to yours. Use our API to retrieve scan. Or simply export them as a CSV file.

Integrate database with API

Issue credentials on-site

Have your app users scan a printed card, label or wristband and then enter the patient’s info and take their photo. Export that record to your own database.

Option: NFC for proof of caregiver presence.

issue credentials on-site

Time and attendance tracking by check-in and check-out

Track duration with check in and check out

Track the amount of time the caregiver was at each location.

They scan upon arrival and scan when leaving. You’ll get a timestamp for each scan.

Fastest ID and prescription barcode scanner in the industry

Optimize scanning for 50+ barcode type using just the device’s built-in camera.

Fastest Barcode Scanning App

Option: use barcode scanning accessories or rugged devices

For some use cases it may be helpful to use accessories of devices other than smartphones and tablets. No problem.

compatible with mobile devices and barcode scanning accesories

Instant on-device check-in with background auto-sync

Not only do you get fast scanning but with auto sync you get instant recording and validation without any latency due to slow or unstable Internet connectivity. Scans are synced in the background every 2-seconds.

online and offline verification

Scan any ID barcode and RFID/NFC badge or wristband

Quickly scan the barcode IDs already issued to patients. Quickly scan the barcodes already on the medicine labels and medical equipment. There’s no need to re-label.

Also read NFC with NFC-enabled Android devices.

Scan ID, RFID or NFC badge and wristbands

White label option as your own healthcare check-in app

Brand the app for free.

Service providers can fully white label the app, including app store listings and app icons for your client’s phones.

Healthcare Checkin App with your own logo