Magstripe Readers for Smartphones

Our customers use magnetic stripe readers with our mobile application to collect and validate data from credit cards, signature debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, driver’s licenses, and ID cards. Popular magstripe reader use cases include attendance and activity tracking.  Not all magnetic stripe readers are supported by CodeREADr. The Shuttle by ID TECH is a supported accessory.  The Shuttle is a two-track, encryption capable reader that works with a wide variety of mobile devices.

audio-jack-plug-in Plugs into audio headphone jack.
No cables or batteries needed
TSED-AES-encrypted Read Data, Normalize Values.
Alter captured data to your database format
bi-directional-card-reading Bi-directional card reading.
It doesn’t matter which way you swipe
bi-directional-communication Multiple Capture Methods.
Option to scan, search, voice or manual entry
extended-phone-jack Extended phone jack.
Enables compatibility with various phone cases
works-with-nearly-every-phone Continuous Read Mode.
Read many cards continuously (unless invalid)
Magnetic Stripe Reader for Smartphones

ID Tech Shuttle

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