Mag Stripe Reader for Smartphones

The Shuttle is a two-track, encryption capable magnetic stripe reader that works with a wide variety of mobile platforms. [Not all platforms are supported by codeREADr.] Use it to expand your date capturing ability to read credit cards, signature debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, driver’s licenses, and ID badges.

audio-jack-plug-inPlugs into audio headphone jack.
No cables or batteries needed
TSED-AES-encryptedRead Data, Normalize Values.
Alter captured data to your database format
bi-directional-card-readingBi-directional card reading.
It doesn’t matter which way you swipe
bi-directional-communicationMultiple Capture Methods.
Option to scan, search, voice or manual entry
extended-phone-jackExtended phone jack.
Enables compatibility with various phone cases
works-with-nearly-every-phoneContinuous Read Mode.
Read many cards continuously (unless invalid)
Magnetic Stripe Reader for Smartphones

ID TECH Shuttle

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