What data is appended to the scan?

Embedded Barcode Value

First, each successful scan delivers the data embedded in the barcode to the app user’s device. Then, the user will see real-time results of the barcode value whether it is just reading the data. Ultimately, the system will validate the values against the codeREADr database or your database.

Examples of the embedded data in a barcode

  • Access Identification
  • Ticket Information
  • Time stamp
  • URL links
  • Tracking or Inventory Identification

Hidden Account Information

Along with the data embedded in the barcode, the codeREADr app passes the user’s account information. Also, this is to sync the app user and barcode value with their online account to record, track, and validate each scan.

This hidden data includes:

  • The Service ID
  • Device ID of the App User
  • Username of the App User
  • Date and Time of the scan
  • Data Collection response when applicable
  • Custom response text associated with the barcode value – if applicable