Barcode Scans Trigger SMS or Email Alerts

Trigger filtered alerts based on the barcode scanned or an app-user’s answer to prompted questions.

When users are scanning in the field, it can be helpful to send those scan records sent to email addresses or via SMS as an alert.

Here are your options:

1. Scheduled Emails

On the Tasks page for exporting scans, you can schedule filtered CSV files to be sent to designated email addresses. The CSV file can be based on an Export Template you’ve created. You can filter by services, app-users, time/date, validity, the last scan for a barcode, etc. An email will be sent based on how you scheduled the task if there are records that meet your filter’s criteria.

2. Email on Upload

When creating/editing your services, you can create an on-device (offline) service where your app-users manually upload their scan records as needed. On the Advanced step, you can choose to have a CVS file auto-sent to a list of email addresses when the uploaded scans hit our server. The CSV file can be based on an Export Template you’ve created but there is no other filtering for this option.

3. SMS or Email Alerts Triggered by a Filter

Currently, codeREADr doesn’t have the ability to directly send SMS from our servers. Nor do we offer a specific filter that ‘triggers’ the sending of an SMS or email message. However, with our Zapier integration, you can now do both.

What can trigger a message to be sent?

While it’s possible to create a filter based on a barcode, a service, an app-user, and other ‘static’ data, the most common filter would be for your app users ‘dynamic’ answer to a prompt after a scan. It’s dynamic in that it’s reporting on a situation occurring in real-time.

For example, consider a security guard or safety officer doing their rounds. It may be very useful for management to be alerted to unsafe situations, such as a fire-safety control failing inspection, an unlocked door, excessive temperatures, a broken window, a dangerous substance, etc. The app user would scan a barcode at the location and select a specific answer when prompted. For example, the answer could be ‘Fail’ with the filter set such that any scan with that answer would trigger an SMS or email alert.

SMS Email

You can use Alerts when you want to share important information quickly. For example,e you can  use it for process monitoring and building inspections. Also, you can use alerts when a user scans an asset or delivers a package.

Instructions for using Zapier to trigger SMS and Email alerts.

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