Track & Validate RFID, NFC, MagStripe and Human Readable IDs

Some IDs, badges, labels, vouchers and asset tags don’t have barcodes printed on them. Instead, they may simply have human-readable (HR) characters on them or deploy other machine readable (MR) technologies, such as RFID, NFC or magnetic stripe (MagStripe). For HR characters, codeREADr app users can use the app’s Manual Entry option or, if a database is used, the app’s Lookup option. To capture the IDs embedded in RFID, NFC and MagStripe objects, you will need to use accessories and have the codeREADr app’s cursor open on the Manual Entry form for your first scan. Below we note some accessory options.

  • RFID/NFC: One example is the pcPROX from RFIDeas with an approximate retail price of $150 from their distributors. According to RFIDeas, the family of pcProx 13.56 MHz Enroll contactless smart card readers eliminates the need for manual entry, providing error-free identification and is compatible with nearly all 13.56 MHz contactless cards/tags/labels. Note: A USB adapter is required.
  • NFC: If you use an NFC-enabled Android device, the codeREADr app can directly capture data embedded in NFC tags and NFC phones. Here’s a link to a blog article with a short video.
  • Magstripe: The Shuttle Magnetic Stripe Reader from IDTECH is a two-track magnetic stripe reader compatible with codeREADr for iOS and Android. The retail price per unit is approximately $40.00 from their distributors.

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