Track & Validate RFID, NFC, MagStripe and Human Readable IDs

Some IDs, badges, labels, vouchers and asset tags don’t have barcodes printed on them. Instead, they may simply have human-readable (HR) characters on them or deploy other machine-readable (MR) technologies, such as RFID, NFC or magnetic stripe (MagStripe).

Human Readable

For HR characters, codeREADr app users can use the app’s Manual Entry option or, if a database is used, the app’s Lookup option.

Options include:

a) NFC-enabled Android devices can read NFC tags. The reader is built into the device. The reading speed varies from device-to-device, with the later models generally the best.

b) Famoco’s lineup of NFC readers includes the FX100, FX200 or FC300. They read NFC tags quickly and are often used for access control at events.

c) The pcPROX from RFIDeas is an accessory that quickly reads a very wide range of RFID/NFC tags.  Note: A USB-to-microUSB adapter is required to connect an accessory to an Android smartphone or tablet. The adapter should ideally allow the accessory and the Android device to be powered simultaneously. The LAVA SimulCharge product lineup is one option to test.


a) The Shuttle Magnetic Stripe Reader from IDTECH is a two-track magnetic stripe reader that plugs into the audio jack of iOS and Android devices. We do not recommend these devices for repetitive, volume use.

b) A USB or Bluetooth Magnetic Stripe Reader may be a better choice for repetitive, volume use. We’ve not tried their products but the MAGTEK products may be suitable. Some integration may be required if for a substantial opportunity.

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