Feature Comparison: codeREADr and codeREADr KEY

The Fundamental Difference

First, the main codeREADr app offers more features than the codeREADr KEY appSo, why use codeREADr KEY?

Mainly, people already use native iOS or Android OS apps or Web apps, and they simply want to add high-performance barcode scanning. The codeREADr KEY app will seamlessly work in the background to insert scan data into the form fields of those apps without any programming required.


Configure the codeREADr app’s workflow on the codeREADr.com website. Then, view and manage your scan records on the website. Also, you can post them to your own servers or auto-export them to 3rd party database programs (Excel, Sheets, etc.)


Scan into the form fields of existing mobile or web applications.

Scan EnginecodeREADrcodeREADr KEY
Smart Scan

– Read only specified barcode types

– Read barcode only when specified content is present

– Vary rules by Mode – MDM configuration

Scanning Modes

– Batch

– Framing

– Selecting

– Targeting

Scanning Options

– Rear Camera

– Front Camera

– Flash for Low Ambients

– Audio Alert


– Auto-opens camera after every scan

Configure WorkflowcodeREADrcodeREADr KEY
Record Scans

– Online

– Offline (stored on-device, synced online)

Validate Scans

– Online

– Offline (validated on-device, synced online)

– Valid – Invalid – Invalid Duplicate

– Patten Validation

– Photo-verify (visual)

Conditional Validation

– Min/Max Count

– Duration

– Time/Date

– Days of the Week

Custom On-Device Validation

– Customize validation with JavaScript for online or offline services

– Validate multiple scans or data entries in a single scan record

– The decryption of encrypted barcode data

Data Capture and Response

– Scan barcodes, read RFID/NFC, database lookup, manual entry

– Smart auto-sync to codeREADr servers and 3rd party servers

– Alter Scanned Value

– Alter Scanned Response

– Custom response labels, content, and colors

– Contextual variables to customize the response

Web content as service, description, actions, and response

– Combine online and offline functionality

Data ExportcodeREADrcodeREADr KEY
Our Servers

– Create filters and export templates –

– Manually download

– Auto-insert to 3rd party databases

– Auto-share CSV files

– Schedule exports via FTP/SFTP, email or Dropbox

Client Servers

– Postback scan records to 3rd party servers

– Direct Scan to URL (DSU) from mobile apps to 3rd party servers

– API to retrieve scans and integrate with 3rd party servers

– Integrate with Zapier API Connector

MiscellaneouscodeREADrcodeREADr KEY
Remote Device Management – Credential based app usersYesYes
Rugged Device Support (Android OS)

– Honeywell, Zebra, Unitech, Cipher Labs, Datalogic, etc.

Accessory Support

-iOS and Android scan sleds (Captuvo, Linea Pro, Cognex) + Bluetooth/USB scanners,

YesiOS/Android OS sleds
Customize In-App History, Lookup, Contact, Help

– Control app-user access and interaction

Printer Support

– Scan then print labels or receipts

SSL/TLS Encryption

– Encryption in transit

YesYes (not barcode itself)
Simple rebranding

– Free in-app logo

Kiosk Mode

– For unattended scanning

White Label

– App store listings, the app fully rebranded

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