Simple Data Collection Form

Creating a Record

When collecting data, each ‘scan record’ is created by one of the following app actions:

  • Scanning a Barcode
  • Swiping a magnetic stripe (contact
  • Tapping an RFID/NFC tag
  • Manually entering an ID (or text)
  • Looking up an ID (requires uploading a database to with ID, names, locations, etc.)

Collecting Data

You can then collect data associated to each scan record. When setting up your Service workflow, you can create Questions to present to your authorized app-users, including:

  • Form fields
  • Multiple choice (single answer or multi-answer)
  • Dropdown menu
  • Secondary barcode scans
  • Photo capture
  • Signature Capture
  • Custom Questions – HTML (offline)
  • Custom Questions – URL (online)

Formal, Verifiable Records

Importantly, each scan record is a formal, verifiable record as the app also automatically captures:

  • Date/Timestamp
  • GPS location (optional)
  • App-User ID
  • Service ID
  • Device ID


You will be able to view, filter, and share your scan records directly on the ‘Scans‘ page. For more detailed reporting you can a) manually export scans for importing to your database program (Excel, Google Sheets, etc.); or b) post scans to your own servers; or c) auto-insert scans into third party servers, including Google Sheets.

Getting Started

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