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    Searching Barcodes in a Database

    CodeREADr supports a searching function to easily find specific barcodes in a database based on their value or response. In order to search for barcodes in a database, a database has to contain at least 1 entry.

    To search a database:

    1. Click on the Databases tab in the navigation bar.
    2. Click on the Database name or its edit button to search for a specific barcode value.
    3. By Default, if a database has been created and has at least 1 entry, the search page should automatically come up. Other wise click on the search tab.
    4. In the search box ‘search barcode values and responses’, enter any value or string to search for. This can be a barcode’s value or its response though it is not restricted to both. Please also note that this search functionality is NOT case sensitive and is NOT word base so any search containing a character or a set that you’ve entered will be matched to either a response or barcode’s value.
    5. When you’ve entered a value or response to search for, press the ‘Search’ button to the right to conduct a search.