Open web pages specific to SCAN_VALUE with 1D barcodes

The codeREADr Alter Response feature enables the app user to view a web page specific to the barcode value scanned (the ‘SCAN_VALUE’). It alters the response to each scan by inserting the SCAN_VALUE into a base URL.

For example, if an asset (or ID) had a barcode value ‘A0123456789’, that value could be inserted into a base URL to show the app user a web page with content (images, buttons, forms, etc) related specifically to that asset.

Why is this helpful?

Normally, the URL would have to be embedded in a 2D barcode, such as a QR code. However, there are many assets and IDs that already have 1D barcodes. Instead of re-tagging every asset or reissuing IDs, this feature lets you use the existing 1D barcode. Also, it shows web content specific to the barcode value.

If you already have (or will create) URLs for your assets and IDs, this feature will allow the app user to view and edit the web content directly. The ability to view and edit are password protected since the app-user cannot view the web pages unless they’ve signed into the codeREADr app with the credentials you’ve issued to them.

How to set up

On the Advanced step when creating or editing your Service, check the option to ‘Alter Response Value”. In the pattern field paste ^([\s\S]*)$ and in the replacement field paste your base URL. In that base URL, use the prefix and suffix. Include__SCAN_VALUE__ where the barcode value is normally found within the URL.

URL example:

Please feel free to contact support if you need any assistance.