Inventory Audit with Smartphones and Tablets

<< Most companies need to audit their inventory and assets on a periodic basis. For the most common way to audit both inventory and assets, please see this article Asset Tracking – Asset Audits. >>

Option >> Inventory Audit – Google Sheets Add-On (beta) 

This Add-On can help you count, analyze and update your inventory electronically. It’s not yet published on Sheets but you can download the instructions here.

Master List

You start with a simple, prepared list of each item’s Barcode (required), Description (optional) and Quantity (optional). You paste that list into our Sheets add-on.

Import to codeREADr

In our Sheets add-on you can export a CSV file specifically structured for use with the codeREADr app.

Count Inventory

Use the codeREADr app to scan your item’s barcodes and enter the item’s quantities. If there’s only one item per scan then that can be auto-entered.

Expected vs. Actual

After each scan your app-users can compare the expected quantity to the actual quantity on hand. In this way if the count is off significantly then the app user can recount to be sure.

Auto-Insert to Google Sheets

Your app-user’s scan records will be automatically inserted into the Sheets add-on.

Audit Worksheet

The add-on’s worksheet automatically calculates the difference between the expected quantity and then actual quantity. You can accept the new count or recount and then accept. Once accepted, individually or in bulk, the new quantity becomes the new quantity on the Master list.

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