Getting Started: An Overview of codeREADr

Welcome to codeREADr.

Some Terms We Use Around the Site

Service : a customizable tool for scanning. Your service choices determine what to do with the scans, how the mobile device reacts to the scans, and more.

Database : a collection of barcode values you import that scans can be validated against, and responses that show up after a barcode value is scanned.

(App) User : Someone who signs in and uses the mobile app with your permission as the account administrator. Signing in to the website with your email makes you the administrator and you can create as many app usernames and passwords as you want.

Question : One or more questions (or statements) can be presented to the app user after each scan. The corresponding answers can be input by the app user via form fields, barcode scans and a variety of multiple choice options.

Administrator : The person responsible for managing your account and for creating & updating your Services, Databases, Users and Questions.

First Log-in

Although most Administrators create their own Services, you will see the ‘Services’ page has examples to show a few of applications codeREADr can be used for. You can use, edit and/or delete those Services and create your own. For barcodes to scan with these sample services please look here.

Next Steps

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