Export Scans Records: FTP/SFTP, Email or Dropbox

Export Scans

This task allows for scheduling the export of scans records. This can be done through file transfer protocol (FTP), SFTP, email, or Dropbox.

Scan records are exported as a CSV file, generally based on an Export Template. A template will allow you to choose which fields to export, the header labels and the order of appearance. You can also customize the export using REGEX or select custom, pre-programmed format like a clickable URL.

The Export Scans task has filters with several options, including scans filtered by date received (recommended), service used, user who generated these scans, the scan’s status (valid/invalid/error), and devices which the scan was recorded with.

For FTP, SFTP, and Dropbox exports, a pathway must be designated. A file name can be auto-generated or chosen by you.

This task can be automated and occur regularly at set dates and times. This can be used to gather scan results from a specific time frame and not repetitively get the same records with each export.

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