Dual Scan / Multi Scan Option

Scan + Scan

Record secondary barcode scans, adding the resulting scan data to the primary scan record. For example, you can scan an item’s barcode then scan the item’s serial number. The secondary scans are saved in the scan record for viewing and exporting.

Scan + Scan with the iOS or Android devices alone

codeREADr enables scanning the primary barcode into a scan record along with a collection of associated data via one or more additional scans using the device’s camera alone. On the Questions creation page select ‘Short Answer’ and check this box:

Enable Scan Barcode

Then after each primary scan the camera scan entry form field(s) will be shown to the app-user for scanning with the device’s camera.

Scan + Scan with a Bluetooth accessory

For some applications pairing a Bluetooth scanner with codeREADr enables faster scanning. Using the Bluetooth accessory you can scan a primary barcode for the original scan record plus scan additional barcodes into the form fields you’ve created on the Questions page.

To enable this, on the Questions page simply enable a ‘Short Answer’ (i.e., form entry). Do NOT check the box to enable this with the iOS or Android device’s camera.

For iOS you will be using the Bluetooth accessory in the HID (keyboard) mode. For Android you can use either the HID mode or the SPP mode (faster).

Auto-Next Field when Scanning Multiple Barcodes

If you application calls for scanning multiple barcodes for a single record, we offer the option to enable or disable the cursor from advancing to the next field. Please look here for instructions on auto-next field.