Scan dual function QR codes and NFC Tags for marketing, packaging, assets and equipment

What is a Dual Function QR Code? [See this blog article for typical deployments.]

A dual-function QR Code is a single, space-saving QR Code that allows:

  • consumer barcode scanning apps to open Web pages triggered by a scan; and,
  • merchants, venues and businesses to scan the same code with codeREADr’s enterprise app to validate and track the ID, asset, ticket, voucher, coupon, etc.

Embedded in the code is a unique, variable ID appended to a URL.  When scanned by a consumer, the URL points to a Web page – ideally one optimized for viewing on a mobile device. However, when the same code is scanned by the enterprise app, the code’s ID is captured, validated, with timestamp, located and stored as a formal scan record.

This technology also works with NFC Tags which offer the additional security for Proof of Presence applications.

Simple Demo

To test a dual-function code, use the QR codes in the image below. Download a free consumer barcode scanning app and scan both the URL and URL + ID codes. You’ll see that for both codes the consumer app points to a simple mobile Web page for demo purposes.

Then download the codeREADr app, sign in with username temp and password demo and scan both the ID and URL + ID codes. You’ll see that for both codes the codeREADr app will validate the embedded ID ‘A-123’.

The take-away is that the dual-function code supports the functionality of both the URL and ID codes in a single code.

codeREADr's QR Barcode Scanner for Business is as versatile as barcodes themselves.