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    Customize the Response Seen After a Scan

    In addition to using the Alter Response feature, with or without Webify, on the Advanced step while creating/editing your Services there’s an option called “Enable custom display configuration.”

    You can remove options and edit the text within specific options and paste those changes into the form field. For changing the labels, you add your text between the quotes after the colon (:).  For picking colors you can use the color utility under the form field.

    Note: The last option in the example text does not have a comma suffix.

    "status_title_presubmit":"Create New Record",
    "status_title_default":"My Record",
    "response_label":"Student Details",

    Editable Variables

    Use this chart to know what you are changing:

    1. status_title_valid
    2. status_color_valid
    3. status_title_invalid
    4. status_color_invalid
    5. status_title_warning
    6. status_color_warning
    7. status_title_presubmit – not shown here, for presubmit question screen
    8. status_color_presubmit – not shown here, for presubmit question screen
    9. status_title_default – not shown, changes ALL titles to the same label
    10. status_color_default – not shown, changes ALL colors to the same color
    11. status_icon_hidden
    12. value_hidden
    13. response_hidden
    14. value_label
    15. response_label
    16. question_labels_hidden
    Custom Display Configurations
    in Settings