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    Check-Out, Check-In and Track Assets

    With codeREADr, you can capture, track, monitor, and report in ways that were either impossible or impractical before. Why? Because of the ready availability of low-cost, feature-rich smartphones, and tablets along with business apps for data collection.

    This is especially true for tracking assets. More specifically, you can collect data as the asset is taken and again as it is returned. With codeREADr, you can easily track equipment, tools, and vehicles.

    Please look here for step by step instructions for configuring the codeREADr app to Record Scans and/or Validate Scans. The most common configuration is to use the Validate Scans service type. Here, you can have a service for Checking OUT equipment and another service for Checking IN equipment.

    You can filter and view a report to show only the last scan record for each asset to show where assets are, to show who currently has the asset, and then export those records to Excel, Google Sheets, etc. When exported you can sort scans by ‘timestamp scanned’ to help schedule audits or to find assets missed in the last (or current) audit.

    You can even have your app users Lookup what’s been done and what’s not been done. If your assets don’t already have barcodes, please look at this article for options concerning barcodes.

    Here’s a short video showing app screenshots and basic functionality. A PDF version is available.