API: Pricing and Limits

For general Pricing FAQs please look here.

API Calls are used by developers for integrating third party services with the codeREADr platform. Our API documentation is located here.

The use of our APIs is only available for accounts with a Paid Plan.

An API call is counted when the codeREADr server receives a call from a third party’s server. We strongly encourage developers to be efficient in the use of our API.

API calls specifically do not count requests from the codeREADr mobile app (Scans, Lookup, History, etc.) to either the codeREADr server or from the codeREADr mobile app to a third party server.

You will get an email alert if you exceed your paid plan limit of API calls.  We only send one alert a day by email. However, for each failed call we return an error message to your server. The count is reset each minute so you can resend blocked calls after that minute is up.

Please contact Business Development for further information.

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