A/B Barcode Compare for Pick Lists, Packing Lists and More

The purpose of A/B Compare is to compare two barcode scans. If the second scan matches the first scan then a Valid response is shown to the app-user. If they don’t match then an Invalid response is shown to the app user. For this option internet connectivity is currently required.

A/B Barcode Compare – Application example

The packer scans the barcode on a pick, pack or delivery list and then scan the barcode on the target item to validate they match. If they match the app user can be optionally prompted to scan each item to be part of that formal scan record.

For detailed instructions in PDF form please click A/B Barcode Scan and Compare.

You can use the built-in camera of iOS and Android devices to scan your barcodes or you can use scanning accessories. While the camera is fast, scanning accessories have the benefit of a ‘pointer’ to target barcodes at a distance and if set up with a carriage return suffix (typically a default setting) then the scan auto-advances after each scan.

Note: In some use cases the first and second barcode scanned may not be exactly alike. For example, they may have different suffixes or prefixes. If that’s the case you can use our Alter Scan Value to normalize. If you have any questions on Alter Scan or any other aspect of  A/B compare please email us at support@codereadr.com.

Batch Barcode Scanning – For tracking Inventory and Assets

You can complement A/B Barcode Compare with smart, fast, sequential barcode scanning. Please look at our Smart Batch Barcode Scanning article for more information.

If the barcodes you need to scan are very close together you have several options, including:

  1. Select just the barcode type(s) you want to scan on the Advanced step when creating/editing your Service.
  2. Use our Pattern Validation feature to indicate validity of  scan to your app users.
  3. Enable the Barcode Preview feature so your app users can pick the target barcode within the camera view.
  4. Enable the app user to resize the decoding area within the camera view.
  5. Use a scanning accessory to point the scanner at the target barcode (see video below).

Here is a video showing the Honeywell Captuvo barcode scanning sled showing ‘point and shoot’ targeting. It does not use or show A/B Compare but will give you an idea how you can target barcodes.

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