codeREADr for Asset Tracking

Introducing asset management with smartphone barcode scanners.

codeREADr provides a cost-effective solution for automatic identification of your physical assets. Just scan them with a smartphone - like the one you might already own.

Instant verification.

We let you know immediately whether an asset you scanned is registered in your inventory, by validating your scans against a database hosted on or your own servers. The app can display both the barcode ID and a description of the asset.

Painless integration.

codeREADr is built on the industry-standard CSV format, so integration with your existing back-end software is dead simple. Just import your current database of inventory with one click.

In-app data collection.

If the details on an asset need to be updated, we let you collect the data right within the app after each scan. Clients can type information into forms on their phone's keyboard, or choose from a list of options you specify.

Built-in location tracking.

codeREADr can use cell tower triangulation or the device's GPS to record the exact location of your assets at the time of each scan.